Assoc. Professor Richard Williams

Assoc. Professor Richard Williams is an orthopaedic surgeon whose practice is solely concerned with disorders of the spine. These conditions include tumours, infections, trauma and pain associated with degeneration of the back or neck and developmental problems including scoliosis. His practice also includes medicolegal reporting involving spinal conditions.

After graduating from the University of Queensland in 1988, Assoc. Professor Richard Williams worked in Orthopaedic Surgery in Queensland hospitals completing advanced specialist training in 1997. His interest in spinal conditions then led to a 12 month advanced training position in the internationally recognised Centre for the Study of Spinal Disorders, Nottingham, United Kingdom which he completed in 2000.

Upon his return, Assoc. Professor Richard Williams has remained active in further education both locally and internationally. He has both attended and lectured at regular international courses and meetings concerned with the most recent developments in the management of spinal conditions.

Assoc. Professor Richard Williams' practice is situated within the Specialist Centre of the Brisbane Private Hospital.